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Andrew Schweiger

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I'm a business nerd with an MBA who fell in love with dentistry when I left a career in M&As to "help" a family member open their first general startup practice.

Fast forward 15 years - I'm proud to have built and exited 3 general practice startups, consulted for over 50 dentists and lead a single sleep-only practice from 1 to 9 locations in just 12 months as its COO.

Sleep Dentistry: Profession and Passion

After seeing numerous lives changed with oral appliance therapy for sleep, I've dedicated my career to helping dentists offer wider access to care that is beneficial to both their patients and their practices. Get my free sleep dentistry practice administration tips and learn more about Forefront Dental by submitting your email address below.


Experienced Sleep Dentistry Marketing Experts


Chief Operating Officer - Sleep Dentistry Group

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In just over 12 months, Andrew Schweiger led the transformation of a single-office general practice's fledgling "sleep program" into a highly profitable 9-location "sleep only" practice group.

With responsibility for the entirety of the group's administrative operations, Andrew developed a replicable model for sleep dentistry practice success that Forefront can put to work for you, rapidly, cost-effectively and with ease.


Practice Owner - 3 Startups Built, Grown and Sold

icon2We Know How to Grow

Andrew started his first practice with a dentist partner in 2009. The small, three operatory office was located in an isolated professional park on the edge of town surrounded by stalled residential developments.

Nonetheless, a commitment to learning and applying innovative new digital marketing strategies, exceptional patient care/service and a tireless work ethic enabled them to collect just over $1mm in their first 12 months in business.

By 2016 the duo had reached nearly $7.5mm in production between three locations and the addition of a medical spa. When a small private equity-backed practice grouped inquired about a sale, they couldn't refuse the offer - they sold their offices and moved forward down different paths.

Dental Practice Management - In Our Blood

icon1We've Been Around the Block

Andrew's diverse experiences across the dental industry, coupled with his MBA and 5 years working in corporate mergers and acquisitions give him a perspective and skill set that is matched by few others in dentistry.

Spending a year focusing solely on sleep dentistry allowed Andrew to develop and refine an optimized model for running sleep practices that deliver highly profitable production.

Whether separated as individual services such as internal and external marketing, medical insurance claims credentialing and dentist-physician referral management, or, combined as a total sleep practice management solution, Andrew and the Forefront team deliver growth.


Andrew Schweiger, Managing Partner


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5 Reasons Dentists Should
Practice Sleep Dentistry

Healthier Patients. More Production.

Practicing sleep dentistry is easy when you work with Forefront. We flood your office with new sleep patients while you become free to focus on keeping them healthy as your production soars.

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